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Gill seeks justice for employees

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I’m Gill Grantham and I am a volunteer with Plymouth Citizens Advice Bureau working in the social policy unit.

I took early retirement last year because of severe bullying within a public sector workplace. I now want to try to improve workplace practices and change legislation in order to protect the dignity of people at work.

I also want to make it easier for people to take employers to court if employees have been defamed. Employers may do this for various reasons but one reason is to prevent career progression.

Because of my work for CAB, I have come to understand the unfairness and abuse that has been made of  zero hour contracts by employers. Although there has been a lot of interest in the media recently regarding zero hour contracts, I believe that protection for employees need to be built into these contracts in order to prevent employers abusing the flexibility that these contracts offer.

Support the campaign to introduce legislation to protect workers against workplace bullying in the UK