Workplace Bullying Still Alive and Kicking in the UK.

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On Friday 7th March 2014, it was reported in the Standard,  the BBC Director General, Tony Hall, said that the BBC has a bullying problem – but we are on top of it.

 “The findings of an investigation by Dinah Rose QC into BBC’s working environment, commissioned in the light of Jimmy Savile’s sex crimes and published in May, found broader issues of bullying and the inappropriate use of power of which sexual harassment is only one manifestation.”

“I want a culture where people can come to work and feel they are valued and don’t feel bullied. These are not easy things to deal with but we are working our way through that.” Tony Hall


However, on the 8th March 2014 it was reported in the Daily Mail that “after  senior executive was found guilty of bullying but then moved to what has been described as a plum job.”

The report went on to say, “Jim Buchanan, a news chief, received a written warning after a year long investigation upheld claims that he bullied and intimidated staff.

The complaints were said to be about verbal abuse and sending intimidating emails to colleagues.

But yesterday sources said Mr. Buchanan had been moved to another senior role, leading to criticism that the Corporation was again failing to take bullying claims seriously.”


Tim Field in his book, Bully In Sight, described how it was not unusual for the perpetrators of workplace bullying to be promoted while the victims suffered, receiving no justice.

It is clear to me, evidenced by the numerous reports in the media,  that without legislation this practice of workplace bullying is never going to end as employers are not going to take it seriously. Consequently, individuals and our economy will continue to suffer.

Support the campaign to Introduce Legislation to protect Workers and our Economy against Workplace Bullying.



Everybody can be a Victim of Bullying

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Everybody can be a Victim of Bullying

Articles have been written about soldiers, public service workers, doctors, nurses who have been victims of being bullied out of their jobs. Now we have an article about a Priest who was bullied out of his Parish because he spoke out about after service drinking and had the integrity to try and do something about it. An investigation was carried out and the report stated, “There was a culture amongst a very small number of members of St. Faith’s that bullying and the undermining of Simon Tibbs (Priest) are acceptable as a means to an end – his removal.”

Is bullying ever acceptable? Absolutely not.

Support the campaign to introduce legislation to protect workers against workplace bullying in the UK