Month: November 2015

Another Life Lost to Bullying

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Ben Howlett MP describes institutionalised bullying in the conservative youth wing. Ben Howlett raised concerns over the behaviour  of Mark Clarke who ran a campaign bussing conservative volunteers around the country. A young supporter Elliot Johnson, committed suicide in September this year and  named Mark Clarke in a letter to his parents. Ben Howlett first raised concerns about Mark Clarke’s behaviour back in 2010 to conservative party bosses. Other activists had also made complaints about Mark Clarke according to BBC news. Ben Howlett reports that the complaints were brushed under the carpet. He said that he had suffered mental health issues as a result of his own bullying by Clarke.

When will the government legislate against bullying? Acas has recently reported that workplace bullying is on the increase but all that is ever talked about is ensuring anti bullying policies are followed! Policies are clearly not enough. Workplace bullying has been discussed for years. Masses of research carried out showing the harmful effects upon the individual and the economy and all we hear is follow the policy. How many more lives have to be lost before the government legislates. Please contact your MP if you believe that workplace bullying is unacceptable and something needs to be done.

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