Dignity at Work Bill

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 The Dignity at Work Bill, which has been blocked by successive governments would have helped  the people described in the stories on this blog, who have been victims of workplace bullying, to have got justice.

The Bill states that it is every employee’s right to have a right to dignity at work. The employee would not be allowed to suffer harassment or bullying or any conduct which causes him to be alarmed or distressed.

Such conduct would include for example, any offensive, abusive, malicious, insulting or intimidating behaviour that has happened on more than one ocassion; unjustified criticism on more than one occasion; any punishment imposed without reasonable justification.

An employer would not be allowed to treat any employee less favourably than any other person.

If this Bill had been passed by Parliament, the victims in these stories would have been able to seek redress at the Employment Tribunal. If the complainant’s case was upheld, the complainant could have expected compensation which may have also included an award for injury to feelings.

I think it is time that this Bill was looked at again and presented to Parliament.

Support the campaign to introduce legislation to protect workers against workplace bullying in the UK


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