NHS Managers, Bullied, Threatened and Intimidated.

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NHS Managers, Bullied, Threatened and Intimidated.

A Tribunal found that an NHS Trust ‘dishonestly’ suppressed a report into accusations of nepotism and favouritism by Dr. Paula Vasco-Knight CBE (South Devon Healthcare  NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive) which led to the bullying and eventual resignations of the two managers.The two whistleblowing managers, reported  Dr. Vasco-Knight to the Trust’s Chairperson, when she, Dr. Vasco-Knight,  showed favouritism towards her daughter’s boyfriend when she was chairing an interviewing panel for a senior post. The daughter’s boyfriend was appointed and Dr. Vasco-Knight did not declare a personal interest. The whistleblowers described how the Trust Chairperson, bullied and threatened them after they reported their concerns, by making it clear that the issue should not be taken further, as they would all lose their jobs, ‘through dirty means’.

The Tribunal exonerated the two managers and the Trust chairman resigned.

Support the campaign to introduce legislation to protect workers against workplace bullying in the UK


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